The Bad Side Of Technology Support

With the internet becoming a prolific place for people to interact with each other, you can get any help that you need in this place. You need only to tap away on a few buttons to get to the place that you need to. You can get all the answers to all your questions. So if you have any problems with regard to any subject matter, be it medical, agricultural or whatever it is that you are good at, you can find all the information that you need online.

From simple questions to complicated information and all the technical jargon that you need an explanation for the internet is the place for you to turn to in times of trouble. Because people write on various subject matter in the most simplest of manners that the common man can understand.

But is it all good and cozy

Well research has shown that it’s all not good news for the masses. Because now days you get so many computer support Perth agencies and institutes out there that you don’t even have to look towards the internet to solve your problem. Because these people will do this job for you. You just have to hand over your workload to them and they will take care of it. And this is what most people find convenient about such services. Because they get rid of their headache one and for all. Because they don’t have to go through the hassle of reading about a problem and how to tackle it every time they come up with a new issue and every time they find that their technological knowledge is not sound. This is the one time solution to all their problems.

But is this the best solution. Well researchers are now telling that providing IT support to people might not be the best solution. Because they have discovered that it makes people ignorant. It makes the end user ignorant. By end user they mean people like you and me who don’t know all that much about what goes on in the technology world. And by ignorant it most probably means it makes us less inclined to learn about new things and make us want to solve problems by ourselves. We become so dependent on these services that we require them at all instances and even if it is a small problem we would not be able to handle it in their absence. So if you are about to hand over you IT workload to someone else, think twice before you do.